Up Close: Court Dress c.1900 Russia (X)

Up Close: Court Dress c.1900 Russia (X)

beautifulspacemermaid said: Hi Powder doom! I've been going thru a lot of ur posts & they've been so helpful so thank u so much! I'm a newbie to skincare & I just purchased Bio Oil. I would like to cleanse my face & remove makeup, but I'm not sure one drop of the Bio Oil is enough to do all that? I do two cleanses like Lisa Eldridge, but I'm still worried about residue or over-cleansing. My question is when using a face oil do you combine it w/ other cleansers? & what do u follow it with?


Bio Oil is not a cleanser. I mean there is oil cleansing but you can also be using oils as serums or treatments. Bio Oil is not gonna be an effective cleanser. Consider it more of a after-cleansing serum. Here is what I do when I cleanse, feel free to substitute with your products:

  1. I remove all my makeup using a wipe (Simple is great and cheap!! I just use MAC because it gets rid of heavy duty stuff effortlessly) and eye makeup remover, if I’m wearing any. ******Half the time, I don’t do this, but I’ve been breaking out near my hairline which tells me this step is necessary for thoroughness. 
  2. I wash my hands, then use Tatcha One-Step Camellia Oil in downwards and outwards motions from the inner part of my face outwards. Massaging it in. I do this for at least a minute, just being thorough. This does remove makeup as well as cleanse.
  3. Wash that with warm water, then with cold. 
  4. Then I tone my face. I don’t use cotton pads for this, I splash it onto my face and pat it in. 
  5. Then I use buffering lotion on my acne.
  6. Then I use another oil as night serum! I use Artemis, but you can use Bio Oil. If I don’t wanna use an oil for some reason I really like the results I’m getting from Bioelements Urban Detox. It’s 1/3 the price of Artemis, too.

So you see I use an oil to cleanse and then I use an oil as a serum. The cleansing oil is really more of a dry oil and not like EVOO or something, and Bio Oil is more of your oily…oil. I know you can formualte your own cleansing oils tho, I just have no interest lol. I hope that helps!




Sucellus trying to be stealthy during QGL missions.

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Britney Spears Hosting TRL with Melissa Joan Hart in 1999 (sorry no music videos)


Hero’s and Villlains , done at A Magickal Place in Derby, UK , By James Gaynor aka Jaff


Hero’s and Villlains , done at A Magickal 
Place in Derby, UK , By James Gaynor aka Jaff


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how dare you come into my house and disrespect my stuffed animals,

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